Pavane Timeline

  • Aheira & Charlotte

    The two Goddesses create the four original races: Human, Fairy, Elf, and Angel.

  • The Great & Grand Witches

    The Goddesses punished the Great & Grand Witches by sending them to live with their newly-made races and stripping them of their powers. These Witches still had their knowledge but were unable to put them into practice without their magickal prowess.

  • Human Downfall

    Thanks to a particular human, Humans are now capable of Fairy magick.

  • Humans are now capable of Elf magick and began experimenting with Fairy and Elf magick to lengthen their life force with no success.

  • After watching Humans repeatedly fail to accomplish their goals, The Grand Witch taught Humans dark magick concepts which led to the birth of a new race called Witches

  • Ghouls

    Some of the Humans who were unable to learn the magick taught back in year400, sought out the Great Witch known for granting wishes and wished for a longer life span. Said Witch granted their wish with a heavy price, this new subrace of Humans constantly craved flesh and were now known as Ghouls.

  • Halflings

    The other section of Humans unable to learn the magick of year400 chose to breed with other races, hoping to give a better life to their offsprings. This is where Human Halflings were born.

  • Following the lead of the Humans, other races chose to partake in this inbreeding creating other forms of Halflings.

  • Humans near Extinction

    Due to the constant breeding and being the prime source of food for the Ghouls, Humans continuously dwindled in numbers.

  • Angel Intervention

    Of the two categories of Angels: Watchers & Protectors, the Protectors sought for more power to protect the remaining Humans. They even went as far as to dabble in darker magick, a complete contrast from a normal Angel. Despite all this, the Protectors failed in gaining power. Left with no choice, they conferred with the Witches who gave these Protectors the powers of Fairies and Elves. This new sub-race of Angel Protectors were called Demons. These Demons were overtaken with lust due to dark magick and quickly forgotten their original mission of saving Humans.

  • Demons & Vampires

    A good portion of Demons dreamt of returning to their Angel selves. After numerous attempts with magick failing, some opted to drink the blood of Angels. They hoped that the light attribute in their blood would turn them back to the light side. In doing so, those Demons because Vampires who were now overtaken by a lust for blood.

  • Human Extinction

    With the constant attacks from Ghouls for their flesh along with the assault from Vampires for their blood, the remaining Humans were no more despite their knack for reproduction.

  • City of Pavane

    The Goddesses were furious at the turn of events. Aheira more so as her precious Humans were now decimated. After much consideration, the Goddesses decided to create a city they named Pavane and locked the races in there for all eternity.

  • The Council & Hierarchy

    After several thousands of years, it was clear what races were the strongest and which ones were the weakest. As such, a hierarchy was set in Pavane with the Angels, Demons, and Vampires sitting at the top; Fairies and Elves were directly beneath; Ghouls were a section below and the Halflings who were considered the lowest. The Witches were considered responsible for their punishement and were excluded when the races created their society.

  • A Revolution

    In order to obtain a higher standing in society, Halflings conspired with Ghouls. They essentially coerced the Ghouls into creating an uprising. High classes races were being stealthily killed for the uprising cause. Past Event Link

Present Time

  • Ren Bar

    A new establishment has sprung up in Middle Pavane. It rivals even Regal Club for popularity, and depending on who you hear it from, it favors each race. Come drop by for a swell time! They're looking to hire a few employees.

  • Grounded Fairies?

    Rumors are floating around Lower Pavane of a Fairy who passed away of unnatural causes. Some are convinced this is the goddess' revenge while others chalk it up to some sort of natural evolution. Only time will tell.